DIY Fall Wreath for Under $20

Fall is my favorite time of year. I love the crisp, cool weather and pretty fall colors. Fall also means football, back to school and chili! Fall is also the time of year that I met my husband. Fun fact: we named our cat Toby after the month that we met, October. Que the “awwwww”. I know, I know, adorable. Toby is an orange tabby, so even his coat matches all things fall.

Despite the lovely fall decor inside our home, the mums outside our home are SWEATING! The universe seems wildly unaware that it’s fall. There’s a HEAT ADVISORY today! What the what!? So I’m getting really extreme in my attempts to bring on fall. I’m writing a fall blog post. I know, Nuts. (Acorns, specifically. Ok now it’s just getting cheesy and weird).

Below is a simple tutorial for a fall wreath that you can make for under $20. How awesome is that!? This wreath is perfect for a narrow space between a front door and the storm or screen door. You only need five items to get this done. Here’s your list of supplies:

Fall Wreath Supplies List

Assembling the Wreath

First, twist your pipe cleaners around the wreath ring. Make sure to evenly distribute the pipe cleaners around the ring, like so:

Next, twist the pipe cleaners around your garland, “attaching” it to the wreath ring. My garland was slightly longer than the ring, so I had some overlap. added another pipe cleaner to attach the overlap piece. You could also trim the garland to size using a wire cutter. I liked the more organic look of the wreath with a little overlap.

Next, add your floral fillers. This is more of an art than a science. Look for areas where the wire or pipe cleaner is showing and add accordingly. I cut my filler stems into different sized pieces and began by adding the biggest pieces behind the garland. I added the smaller pieces last. I’ve found two rules that simplify wreath making for me:

  1. Start big and work to small. Organize all your wreath components from biggest to smallest. Add the biggest ones first. That way, you see what needs more tweaking and filling.

  2. Add things in odd numbers. There is an old decorator’s trick that says things look better grouped in odd numbers. So, add three, five or seven clusters of wheat stem. Use the same rule if adding pumpkin, pine cone or acorn embellishment.

I was able to simply tuck the wheat stems into the grapevine and they stayed put. If your filler won’t stay put, try securing it to the wreath wire with pipe cleaner or floral wiring. You can also hot glue the filler to the garland.

Now, take a step back and admire your creation. Ahhh. Good work! No but really, this is an important step. Check it out and make sure the wire and pipe cleaners are hidden. Sometimes, you can just tweak the direction of the garland leaves until you like it. BUT if you still are not happy, add more filler stems or other decorations. Pumpkins, sunflowers and acorns are great at hiding things, too! (Our door threshold was too narrow to add bigger decorations to the wreath).

Finally, hang your wreath! I like to use 3M’s command hook products for this. Here’s the finished wreath.

What is your favorite fall decor? I’d love for you to share below!

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