Homemade Roll a Snowman Game for Children

It’s the most wonderful time of year for gift giving! I know it’s not even Thanksgiving, but if you are somebody that loves to give handmade gifts, then you may already be assembling ideas and supplies. Our family loves giving small gifts to neighbors, teachers and close friends, and this year my daughter is old enough to help. It can be hard to come up with creative ways for kids to help with holiday gifts. There are so SO many wonderful ideas on Pinterest. But instead of scouring Pinterest for the latest gift trend, I decided to sit down and think about what my child loves to do. And, like a lot of children, what she really cherishes is spending time with loved ones.

Here I’m talking about a Roll a Snowman Game that encourages spending time together. It makes a simple, handmade gift for families with children young and old. What’s not to love about a snowman gift? A snowman is such a universal symbol of winter here in Minnesota, which makes this gift very versatile across all faiths and religions.


Assemble the Bags

Fill each gift bag with dice, buttons, glue and the game instructions. The amount of supplies will depend on the number of players, but each gift needs only one glue and dice per family.

To me, the best part of this gift is deciding how to incorporate the snowman accessories. There are so many options ranging from fancy schmancy to super simple. To make an extra special gift, cut out the snowman pieces from the craft foam. You could even decorate the accessories with glitter, puff paint, etc.

Another option is to just include pieces of craft foam for the recipient to cut. What you choose to do really depends on the amount of time you have. Regardless of what you choose, click below for a tempate of snowman accesssories.

Even easier yet: skip the craft foam and just include the snowman parts on plain paper. This would be a perfect option for older kids who enjoy coloring. Be sure to include the free printable game instructions, which you can get by clicking below. And please - if you enjoy making this as a gift or playing the game by itself, please share this with your friends using the share buttons below!

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