No Sew Sweater Christmas Tree Decor

Calling all thrifty crafters! I’ve got a fun no sew Christmas decor project for you. It’s inexensive, quick and so stinkin cute, I don’t think you’ll be able to resist. When I was at my local Goodwill recently, I couldn’t get over the abundance of sweaters! Ok, a lot of them were kind of ugly but others were just waiting to be repurposed into something cute. What came to mind was these Knit Holiday Trees from Garnet Hill that I’ve been drooling over for weeks. Aren’t they adorable?

Problem is, I don’t knit or crochet and I don’t have $68 to spend on knit trees. It just happened to be my lucky day though. Goodwill had a green sweater with a similiar nubby texture. So I snatched that sweater up faster than a toupee in a blizzard and made my own adorable little sweater Christmas trees! Read on below for the details on this easy and budget-friendly no sew project.

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  • Sweater
  • Scissors, preferably a nice sharp pair for fabric like these
  • Hot glue gun kit
  • Paper mache craft cones, various sizes (use a coupon at Michaels or JoAnn to save a buck or two)
  • Optional Decorations: Brads, pom poms, felt star

Step 1: Cut the sweater to fit the paper mache cone. If you have a particular look in mind, you can be strategic about the part of fabric you use. I was not. I like the look of the mixed textures. I measured and cut the fabric the same way I would wrap a present: always over estimate how much you need. You can always go back and trim off the excess later.

Step 2: Fold the top of the sweater over the tip of the cone and secure with a dab of hot glue. Then, pull the fabric down so it is taught against the tip of the cone. Next, run dabs of glue along one end of your sweater and roll your cone onto it, securing that side to the cone.

Step 3: Working in sections, pull tbe other side of the sweater tight against the cone and secure with a dab of glue. Continue until the whole sweater is secure. At the top of the cone, trim and tuck the fabric until the top of the tree is a shape that you like.

I tried gluing both ways: on my first tree, I glued from the bottom to the top (as pictured below). For my second tree, I tried tucking and gluing the top first and then gluing down the side. Either technique seemed to look similar in the end, but I found gluing from top-down was a bit easier for me. I liked being certain the top looked nice before moving on to the rest.

Step 4: Working in sections, tuck the bottom fabric tightly into the cone and secure with a dab of glue. Trim off extra fabric if necessary.

I’m so pleased with how cute these turned out. These are a bit shorter than the Garnet Hill trees, but if you want a taller tree you can use a floral cone instead. I prefer the pointed top that the paper mache cones give you.

I love the way these look as they are, but wouldn’t they look cute decorated? I’m picturing a cute felt star and a colorful pom pom string of lights. Are you a thrifty crafter? Let me know in the comments below!

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